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[It's been a good week, week and a half since the first batch of people were brought to this land. Several of them have met up and separated with a plan in mind, and most if not all of them have gotten some kind of magical phone from Yuusei. Everyone Yuusei knows is getting hit up with a message on those very same phones, those able to get video message doing so, and if not, they get a voice message instead.

At first, there's only the sound of clattering, as if someone's fumbling with the phone. The image shakes, and even when it focuses on Yuusei the image is hardly steady, constantly shaking, like he can't keep a good grip on it. He looks...pale. Not in a sick way, but like someone slapped a coat of paint on him. It can't be the video feed's quality, because the (stolen) jacket he's wearing is just as bright as ever, but he still looks washed out. Anyone who hasn't seen him recently might be surprised by his new head of hair, too-it was wild before, but now it's somehow grown into a mane long enough to spill over his shoulders, blue streaks also appearing in it to make a full on tri-colored mess.]

Ah. Everyone-

[CLATTER. The phone slips out of his hand again for some reason, and he hisses as he fumbles for it.]

Sorry. I-my hands- [CLICK CLACK CLICK] -damn-!

[Give him a moment. It looks like he's settled for trying to prop the phone against something, and when that's finally done, he clears his throat.]

Sorry for the trouble. I just ran into a...troubling development.

[He holds up his hands, and for those with video, they can finally see just why Yuusei has been having so much trouble handling the phone. They're just as pale as the rest of his skin, but more importantly-]

My fingers started merging together. I only have three fingers on each hand, now.

[And what fingers they are! Long, pale, and spindly, with the ends flattening into almost needle-like tips, the middle fingers somewhat bigger and more club-like than the others. They're constantly quivering, like Yuusei can't quite control them right, and his whole hand itself seems to be shaking.]

I can't-achk-It hurts, trying to move my hands. Like pins and needles under my skin. Any projects I'm working on, I think there might be a delay for the time being.

[Obviously. Still, he looks reluctant to admit it. Almost as if on cue, the phone slides out from where he'd propped it up and falls flat on the table with a loud, final CLACK, and he sighs, seemingly giving up on trying to mess with the phone. You're gonna have to deal with a slightly off-center image of Yuusei bending over the phone now, deal with it.]

I just wanted to take the opportunity to ask-has anyone else been experiencing any strange changes? I know I'm not the only one, but a transformation of this has to be a result of what those people did to us, I'm sure of it.

[[ooc: hey ho it's another group mingle post, this time network style. same threadjacking policy applies, just go for it, interrupt each other, have a blast, make fun of yuusei's hair, whatever.][
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That I might float away completely in my psyche )

anybody find out anything about some group called the joyous???
when i described the people who summoned us, that's the answer i got. "that sounds like the joyous order." but the coffee guy didn't know much more than that. just that they're a cult and he doesn't think they're ""dangerous.""
if you've got any other intel pls share with the class! thnx!
- prompto a.

[Anyone visiting the park in Arcrion this fine day may come across a familiar blond supine on a bench, one freckled arm thrown over his face, looking a little washed out as a Maltese, a Dalmatian, and a big, fluffy mutt frolic nearby.]


Mar. 2nd, 2017 11:46 pm
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[Night, and a campfire outside of town, in the lightly forested scrubland of the Neloi Flats. A good rendezvous point for a ragtag bunch of abductees; a point of interest for any stragglers, where fellow otherworlders can be found.

Just follow the smell of cooking meat. There's...there's a lot of it.

And while you're all feeding yourselves, there's a lot to talk about. For instance: who the fuck were the people that brought everyone here? What did they want? Who's interested in finding a way back home, and what's the best way to tackle that question? Where will everyone stay? How will everyone get along in this place?

All that and more, at the campfire.]

[[ooc: Meant to be a rapid-fire IC conversation kind of post, with rampant threadjacking, but do as ye will! Proper toplevels are welcome, as are new characters.]]
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-> (1)

It begins with a bang; then, disorientation, darkness, dismayed voices, and spells that weigh down your limbs like heavy shackles...

The people keeping you captive seem as unsure as you are of what just happened, and argue and mutter amongst themselves, though they don't hesitate to restrain you, chain you to a pipe in the wall of this bottom floor of an underground parking garage, or lock you alone into a smaller room of the abandoned building where the summoning was held. You seem to unnerve them; they don't want to look you in the eye, and if they have to touch you to lock you up, they do so gingerly, nervously.

But maybe, once they leave you to yourself to go and argue and regroup in private, you're not quite alone? You weren't the only person to come out of the array. You have at least one companion in your confusion, one person restrained like you and not wearing the cultists' strange masks. Take comfort, take inventory, and prepare for anything.

-> (2)

The Joyous were prepared for you to attempt escape. Their preparations don't quite match what they got, but even poorly calibrated spells will do something, and the effects of knockout darts and magically reinforced walls don't discriminate. It's time to blow this popsicle stand...

...But you may want to take a moment to comb the area - once the Joyous have had enough time and reason to weigh their options, they'll run, leaving behind the incriminating results of their "botched" summoning. Those less able to escape confinement under their own power may need a hand, or to band together, or, at worst, to wait quite a while for locals to stumble across them...

-> (3)

You step outside into an unfamiliar town; small, sparse, just off a major highway running through the Neloi Flats. A perfect place for a cult looking for an unoccupied building, because there are a lot of those here, as though the town's peak has come and gone, leaving behind rusty signs for roadside attractions and a main street retinue of shops made of sheer stubbornness and spite.

There's not much direction here. There are locals, who will be confused by you, possibly wary and disbelieving. There's a temple, small like the village but likely to have charity you need right now. There's a highway, and following it in either direction will take you to one of two very different cities.

There's a whole country of possibilities before you, in fact. What ones will you chase, and will you do it alone?

[[As of this mingle: go forth and RP! You can treat this post like a game intro, or like a meme post; follow the prompt/s exactly, or alter the details to suit your tastes, or pitch a completely different scene in your own top-level. Let's get some stories started.]]


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