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Hallelujah ([personal profile] lostcompany) wrote in [community profile] arimoi2017-03-02 11:46 pm


[Night, and a campfire outside of town, in the lightly forested scrubland of the Neloi Flats. A good rendezvous point for a ragtag bunch of abductees; a point of interest for any stragglers, where fellow otherworlders can be found.

Just follow the smell of cooking meat. There's...there's a lot of it.

And while you're all feeding yourselves, there's a lot to talk about. For instance: who the fuck were the people that brought everyone here? What did they want? Who's interested in finding a way back home, and what's the best way to tackle that question? Where will everyone stay? How will everyone get along in this place?

All that and more, at the campfire.]

[[ooc: Meant to be a rapid-fire IC conversation kind of post, with rampant threadjacking, but do as ye will! Proper toplevels are welcome, as are new characters.]]

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