Feb. 26th, 2017

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Arimoi is now open! If you've apped in, welcome to an RP group all about people turning into monsters; brace your characters, get to know the characters and players you'll be playing with, and start dreaming up changes and plots you'd like to play.

If you haven't apped in, don't be shy; toss a character our way!

I'll put an introductory mingle up soonish; it'll feature a group summoning by the Joyous Order, and give characters a chance to meet and bond over a daring escape. From that point on, it's your game. Make open posts dressing-room-style, come up with events or mingles, post memes, solicit PSLs; whatever strikes your fancy.

For now, this is an OOC mingle, where you can say hi, discuss monster designs/changes/plans, pitch ideas for things you want to do in the setting and find co-conspirators to arrange plots with, etc. This post will stay open...forever, technically, but I'm going to try to post a new one of these every month or so, to give new characters some time at the top of the comments and keep the ideas wheel turning. This is an informal kind of thing; treat it like a low-pressure monster chat room.

ALSO: we now have a modplurk at [plurk.com profile] arimoi, which I will be using for announcement-type stuff in the future instead of my personal plurk. In addition to announcing modly OOC stuff, you can also ping it or ping/message me to have it replurk or natively plurk Arimoi-related things, like OOC/meme/mingle posts on this comm, Plurk memes or discussions that would benefit from being seen by everyone, or even things like monster art commissions.
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-> (1)

It begins with a bang; then, disorientation, darkness, dismayed voices, and spells that weigh down your limbs like heavy shackles...

The people keeping you captive seem as unsure as you are of what just happened, and argue and mutter amongst themselves, though they don't hesitate to restrain you, chain you to a pipe in the wall of this bottom floor of an underground parking garage, or lock you alone into a smaller room of the abandoned building where the summoning was held. You seem to unnerve them; they don't want to look you in the eye, and if they have to touch you to lock you up, they do so gingerly, nervously.

But maybe, once they leave you to yourself to go and argue and regroup in private, you're not quite alone? You weren't the only person to come out of the array. You have at least one companion in your confusion, one person restrained like you and not wearing the cultists' strange masks. Take comfort, take inventory, and prepare for anything.

-> (2)

The Joyous were prepared for you to attempt escape. Their preparations don't quite match what they got, but even poorly calibrated spells will do something, and the effects of knockout darts and magically reinforced walls don't discriminate. It's time to blow this popsicle stand...

...But you may want to take a moment to comb the area - once the Joyous have had enough time and reason to weigh their options, they'll run, leaving behind the incriminating results of their "botched" summoning. Those less able to escape confinement under their own power may need a hand, or to band together, or, at worst, to wait quite a while for locals to stumble across them...

-> (3)

You step outside into an unfamiliar town; small, sparse, just off a major highway running through the Neloi Flats. A perfect place for a cult looking for an unoccupied building, because there are a lot of those here, as though the town's peak has come and gone, leaving behind rusty signs for roadside attractions and a main street retinue of shops made of sheer stubbornness and spite.

There's not much direction here. There are locals, who will be confused by you, possibly wary and disbelieving. There's a temple, small like the village but likely to have charity you need right now. There's a highway, and following it in either direction will take you to one of two very different cities.

There's a whole country of possibilities before you, in fact. What ones will you chase, and will you do it alone?

[[As of this mingle: go forth and RP! You can treat this post like a game intro, or like a meme post; follow the prompt/s exactly, or alter the details to suit your tastes, or pitch a completely different scene in your own top-level. Let's get some stories started.]]


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