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[CLOSED - YUUSEI] With Painted Wings-

March 31st
WARNINGS: Blood, gore

[He likely thought that she wasn't in the apartment, when his 'final' changes occurred. It would have been surprising after all, for someone to ignore the sounds of agony from in another room. It wasn't as though she was ignoring them however. No-she was just busy with her own.

It felt as if something was moving under her back that morning. Like snakes beneath the skin, growing rigid and hard and spearing against her ribs and spine. Zarc's voice, typically loud and pounding, was drowning out against the fire of the sensation; a sensation she realized was far from what she had ever felt in response to his anger (or perhaps she had grown used to not feeling it in these last few days).

Reira bites down on her lip until it bleeds, but it does nothing. She curls up against herself, upon the floor, and the hen she'd taken in starts to cluck frantically, racing around the room just as fast as her heart begins to beat.
] Hahh-hahhh...hahh... [It hurts it hurts it hurts and nothing is stopping it not even in the slightest. It burns and it sears, and finally she can't keep her mouth closed, both sets of her eyes wide and brimming with tears.

She is not the only one screaming.

She is not the only one who had grown used to life without so much pain.

[The screech sets the hen off, as bones, long and thin, spear and streak out from her back, breaking fabric as if it were tissue. Nerves and sinew and muscle are only slowly moving their way up along them, same as vessels to carry blood just as much as the precious fluid bleeds across her back. And it still hurts-the exposed flesh, bone-it still hurts, and she cannot stop screaming and crying as she holds her head.]
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[He's lost track of how long his own changes had gone by the point he hears her screaming, so wrapped up was he in his own agonizing pain. Limbs cracking into place, hands and fingers crumpling together into a single, boned mass and hardening, smoothing into finely polished hooves, his head splitting with pain and wooziness as shoulderblades and elbows and knees erupt out of his skin, bone solidifying into more decorative plates that gleam despite being slicked with blood.

It feels like hours before he can raise his head, vision blurred and limbs shaking as he tries to get to his feet-and then he hears the scream.]


[He staggers to his feet and stumbles up the stairs, cursing as he bumps his head in the doorway-he can't get through at all. It's through sheer dogged determination that he forces his head through one doorway, leaving gouges in the wall-and then another, the dreadful sound of horns carving a track through drywall as he clumsily climbs up the steps.

He doesn't think much of coming up on all fours-he's been going largely quadrupedal for the past week or so without thinking. His vision is blurred enough thanks to his own mental haze that he doesn't quite register why he feels like he's walking on closed fists, or why he feels unwieldy when trying to get up on two legs and put a hand on the stairwell-he just can't do it for some reason. Crawling up it is, then.

Finally, he stumbles onto the landing of the second floor, breathing heavily.]

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[Sorry, Ray. You'll get some proper feed later, he promises.

It takes some fumbling with his...forelimbs...before he realizes that they won't be sufficient to open the door. Eventually, Yuusei just headbutts the "push" latch, pushing his way in and forcing the door open.

The action also leaves him stumbling over his own feet when he charges into the room, still unwieldy on his shaking limbs. This leaves him coming almost face first with the blood splattered on the floor-what it means is-]

Shit...! Oi, are you alright-?!

[He is clopping over there right now young lady, bending over her as soon as he can.]
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[Yuusei's face contorts into an expression of sympathy (somehow, despite looking like a horse), before instinctively trying to reach to her with hands.

That he doesn't have anymore. The action of him trying to raise a hoof up in the same manner he would a hand leads to him falling over on his side with a loud THUMP.

Slowly, he pulls himself to his feet again with great difficultly.]

S...Shit...Reira...hold on...

[ there nothing he can really do, like this? He internally laments his changed form-at least as a human, he could have tried to wrap her back, rub salves into it, something, anything. But what can he do like this, other than offer ineffectual support?]


[He gently nuzzles her with his awkwardly-shaped face, at least offering it as something else to hold other than her own head and horns. It's all he can do.]

E...everything...will be alright...I'm here for you.
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[He doesn't notice it happening. His eyes are squeezed shut, intent on resting his head on her shoulder and only pulling away when he hears her whimpering-he's hurting her.

Dammit, can't he do anything? He knows this, he can't save anyone on his own, he knows this! But he can't sit here and do nothing. He wants to help her. He doesn't want to stand by and helplessly watch her suffer if he can do something about it.

If he was paying attention, and not so focused on that one single thought, maybe he'd notice the burning on his face. Bright red, and if it wasn't shining like light one could easily assume that he'd gotten some of her blood on his face.

But even then, it wouldn't explain why it's in such a stylized pattern-unsymmetrical, jagged, like a face superimposed on his own...Reira might recognize it, from seeing Yuusei's bare arms at one point before his transformation really started affecting his limbs. The Crimson Dragon's mark...

It glows, burns, and fades to nothing, leaving no indicator that it was ever there. The only splotch of red anywhere on his face is on one side of his head, the mane and horns slicked with her blood. He must have rested it a little too much on her back at one point...]
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[It's only when her screaming dies down that he starts pulling away, confused by the sudden end of it all. His thoughts are hazy, his comprehension even more so as the wings slowly knit themselves together, seemingly without pain, if Reira's relative silence means anything. The adrenaline still coursing through his veins, and the worry that dominates his mind makes him unaware of a dull ache carving itself into his back,at least for the moment.]

Reira...has it passed?

[How long were you suffering, and him being unable to come for you until the tail end of it? He feels useless.]
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[There's a visible sigh of relief, and Yuusei bows his head, apparently reluctant to accept any thanks. He didn't do anything, did he? No, he should have been here sooner.]

That...that's good, the-hrgh-!

[A sharp intake of breath is all the warning Reira gets before Yuusei lurches forward, barely catching himself from toppling over again, but shaking violently all just the same. That...that felt like two knives were gouging holes in his back all of a sudden...]
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Uu...ugh...I...I don't...

[He doesn't know what's happening, only that it feels like his back is splitting open. He eventually buckles his front legs enough that he's bowing down, making the rivulets of blood coursing down the sides of his body visible.]
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[He winces, trying to turn his head to see just what's going on wit his back. It's somewhat difficult.]

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[Yep. In fact, if one looks closely enough, it seems like the injuries started just around his shoulderblades, just barely hidden by the almost Stardust-like embellishments around where his legs join with his body.]

I...yes...that's what it...feels like...I don't understand...

[He sounds out of breath.]
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[He'd look quizzical, if his face wasn't so...horseish. As it is, his stare looks somewhat like his usual blank ones.]

Why would I get wings...

[Not answering the question about bandages. Mostly because the answer is definitely no.]
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[Um. He'd been turning into something, alright, but he didn't think it was a dragon. Honestly, he thought he was turning into some sort of lizard before all this.]

I don't think...
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...These aren't scales.

[Feel it, Reira. That's hair.]
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[Yeah...he doesn't have an answer to that. Can he just rest his head on your bed right now? Ugh. Everything hurts.]

I'm not sure that necessarily means I'm turning into a dragon...

[Said tail runs gently back and forth across the floor, almost traitorously. Goddammit, not horse tail.]
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[He winces, before groaning and trying to shift into a more comfortable position. It doesn't help.]

Before my legs changed...I thought maybe...some kind of lizard...