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Reira Akaba ([personal profile] soft_focus) wrote in [community profile] arimoi2017-04-01 12:39 pm

[CLOSED - YUUSEI] With Painted Wings-

March 31st
WARNINGS: Blood, gore

[He likely thought that she wasn't in the apartment, when his 'final' changes occurred. It would have been surprising after all, for someone to ignore the sounds of agony from in another room. It wasn't as though she was ignoring them however. No-she was just busy with her own.

It felt as if something was moving under her back that morning. Like snakes beneath the skin, growing rigid and hard and spearing against her ribs and spine. Zarc's voice, typically loud and pounding, was drowning out against the fire of the sensation; a sensation she realized was far from what she had ever felt in response to his anger (or perhaps she had grown used to not feeling it in these last few days).

Reira bites down on her lip until it bleeds, but it does nothing. She curls up against herself, upon the floor, and the hen she'd taken in starts to cluck frantically, racing around the room just as fast as her heart begins to beat.
] Hahh-hahhh...hahh... [It hurts it hurts it hurts and nothing is stopping it not even in the slightest. It burns and it sears, and finally she can't keep her mouth closed, both sets of her eyes wide and brimming with tears.

She is not the only one screaming.

She is not the only one who had grown used to life without so much pain.

[The screech sets the hen off, as bones, long and thin, spear and streak out from her back, breaking fabric as if it were tissue. Nerves and sinew and muscle are only slowly moving their way up along them, same as vessels to carry blood just as much as the precious fluid bleeds across her back. And it still hurts-the exposed flesh, bone-it still hurts, and she cannot stop screaming and crying as she holds her head.]

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