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[ As Alisaie appears on-camera, she has more horns - a third coming up from the top of her head, matching her others - golden and pure black scales around the edges of her face. Large, dragon-esque wings lay behind her - she's changed, but she keeps a normal expression. It oddly... feels okay to her. ]
I... apologize for my outburst before. But I did not leave the population - I am in another city. And...
...those who came here before us have not changed like us. I have watched, tried to influence.

[ And they remained like they were. Not becoming a Primal like her - Alisaie has realised her body is remaining rather... normal. ]
Has anybody else altered more? We need to see if there are similarities between these alterations. If there is a way to figure them out. I think I will remain in this city for a while. It... is old.
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[Hi, Yuusei. You sure do look, uh. Um. Hm.]

I'm glad to see you're still with us. I was worried.

[His voice sounds gentle, but is he?? smiling??? It's kinda hard to tell. His face seems somewhat...more angular than usual? The upper part of his face almost looks like it's been taken over by some kind of helmet: some sort of silvery-blue protrusion is running straight down from the top of his head down to his nose(?), which seems to have elongated somehow? It seems to have taken the top of his jawbone with it, resulting in a very awkward looking headshape that looks merely long-faced when facing forward, but if he turns his head to the side it reveals that his neck seems to have stretched and thickened to match, taking on a slightly lavender hue.

His eyes are hard to read, too, on account of being surrounded by some white...facial structure? It stretches past his eyes and covers his ears, seemingly forming some sort of hammer-head like skull- it honestly looks like he's wearing some sort of dragonic half-mask. What on earth...?]

...My face hurts.

[I'm sure it does, Yuusei.]
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[He tilts his head in concern, apparently not noting how odd the action looks with his newly lengthened neck.] Broly...? Hadn't he said he'd lost some of his own abilities due to these changes?


Be careful, Alisae.
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[He shakes his head, seemingly in agreement.]

No...they definitely-ghh-aren't.

[Ow. Apparently even that little headshaking motion was enough to make him wince.]

What...could be the purpose...of turning us into these...?
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[Reira's background looks fairly similar to Yuusei's-probably because she's in the same residence at the moment. Good for her!

Aside from the two eyes under her initial pair though, she also seems to be growing...horns. They look more like weird fins or 'wings' than anything, but given the point at the upper most bit, they're probably? Horns?

I'm okay, but are you ok?
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Oh, you got first aid too..? [She's been using a little 'backpack' of stuff herself.]

...Most of everything didn't really hurt, but it's still pretty weird... made Zarc quieter too...
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Zarc used to be a person so it's probably weird if he doesn't know how to talk...

...Dragons have their own language though so I guess it could have almost happened.
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There are similarities

But your colors are different than mine

Have you lost more? Is control improving or getting worse?
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[It takes a while for Broly to message directly instead of on the other one, but he manages. Eventually. And it takes quite a while to write.]

Do you feel YOUR desires changing too or just your body and dreams?

You still write intelligently. The beast you became couldn't even speak. Fearing something you are gives it power and makes it harder to control even when that something is part of us

But I think in this sort of thing it is okay to be afraid. None of this is how it should be.

I don't think I'll be able to write soon. But I think I'll still be me under this layer of armor. Practice what makes you yourself. What you love and know it was you loving it and not the teeth and fire.

Controlling a beast is easy if you can keep intelligence. Maybe Bahamut will become Alisaie instead.
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Not the same.

Who you are isn't what you are.

My father also wanted others to pay for the crimes of people long dead. For a while I thought it was a good idea too but killing the Prince because of the King seems stupid when you think about it long enough. Killing him won't change anything or even make it feel better, a dead Prince won't bring back a world, or even one life.

Your other form is not wise. Or maybe your other form is like me in that at the moment of rage any excuse will do to make it seem okay to destroy. It's okay to want to destroy things just to destroy them. Things need to get broken sometimes.

It is also okay to be sad for things gone. I don't think that's a change. You seemed to feel that way about people before too.

I don't know if I can keep anyone in check as I am. These scales are hardly tougher than normal metal and my control of ki is failing. Fire doesn't seem a good substitute. I am badly deformed.

But there is a man who is showing some of the local ways of power since mine don't work. Maybe in that is a way to control your counterpart, and my own, before I lose my thumbs and can't type on this thing anymore.