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Alisaie Leveilleur (AU) ([personal profile] corruptedcoil) wrote in [community profile] arimoi2017-03-24 02:37 pm


[ As Alisaie appears on-camera, she has more horns - a third coming up from the top of her head, matching her others - golden and pure black scales around the edges of her face. Large, dragon-esque wings lay behind her - she's changed, but she keeps a normal expression. It oddly... feels okay to her. ]
I... apologize for my outburst before. But I did not leave the population - I am in another city. And...
...those who came here before us have not changed like us. I have watched, tried to influence.

[ And they remained like they were. Not becoming a Primal like her - Alisaie has realised her body is remaining rather... normal. ]
Has anybody else altered more? We need to see if there are similarities between these alterations. If there is a way to figure them out. I think I will remain in this city for a while. It... is old.
((Feel free to threadjack and just use this as a mingle.))

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