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Note: this page is old content. Arimoi is now a dressing room that anyone may post in freely.

Applications are processed ASAP after I see them. They're checked for general writing/RP quality and for whether the character as applied is 1) true to canon and 2) has a personality to speak of.

Fandom characters, AU characters, original OCs, fandom OCs, and minor fandom characters are all allowed. Embellishment of minor characters is allowed as long as it doesn't contradict anything shown in canon. Real people, internet personalities, and historical or mythological characters that don't come from a fictional canon (ex. Fate/ or Hamilton) are not allowed.

Please give the box's info a look-see before apping.

What I'm looking for in an app: A history and personality that work together to show you have a good, three-dimensional understanding of the character you'll be playing. A history that highlights the most influential events in the character's life. A personality that focuses on what kind of person the character is, and a character that has enough emotional depth to be dynamic. If an RP sample is required: good threading etiquette with and responsiveness to other players. Natural-sounding dialogue. An awareness of the character's point of view and appropriate use of body language, introspection, reaction, etc.

If the app is almost-acceptable but I don't know who you are (this is a welcoming musebox, but a musebox nonetheless), you may be asked to present an RP sample. If you didn't get here via a friend of a friend and you want to pre-emptively link a sample, it'll be much appreciated.


Player Name: What you want to be called.
Player Contact: Preferred contact method. Can be a personal journal, character journal, or Plurk.

Character Name: Western order, please.
Character Account: What journal will you be using?
Character Canon: If it's a series of works in the same universe/timeline/whatever, give the series. If it's part of a series like Final Fantasy where the works are unconnected, give the individual work. If it's an original universe or AU, mention that.
Character History: Written out instead of linked, but please keep this short, for your sake and mine. A blow-by-blow of the entire canon isn't needed; just summarize the things they've experienced that are relevant to who they are and are important for understanding the kind of person they became. Where did they come from? What are they dealing with? Where are they going? For AUs, you can mention how it differs from the original plot, but don't go into elaborate detail for the sake of detail.

Character Personality: For a regular character, 200 words hard minimum, 1500 words hard maximum. If you have a combo-character situation (hauntings/possessions, characters with animal companions, etc) or something similar that calls for extra words, you can go over the maximum without getting dinged for it. Quality over quantity; there's no need to present evidence or argue your point, just describe the character as you'll be playing them. What informs your character's actions? How do they conduct themselves? How do they interact with other people? Strike a balance between being concise and thorough.

Monster Assignment: Pick one: Player Pick, RNG, Fits, or Conflicts. Refer to the "How This Works" page for more details. The monster you're given isn't final, if you object to what's rolled or if you have second thoughts; you'll be free to accept it or to name a different monster when you post your character to the Taken page.
Monster Opt-Outs: If you're not going with Player Pick, you can name up to six monster types here and they'll be excluded from the possible rolls.

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Reira Akaba | Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V AU

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Oh gee o hgosh oh gee oh gosh-

(Though for the heck of it, what would they get as a fit and conflict NOW...?)
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