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Character Directory

Once accepted, please comment to this page using the form at the bottom to be added and accepted to the comm. If you've decided to drop, make a comment here stating so with the journal you'd like dropped.

When referencing the directory, remember that doubles of characters are allowed with permission from the original player/s. Use the contact methods here to reach other players for OOC communication. Harassment of players is not tolerated; if you are receiving unwanted communications after requests to stop contact, let me know.

-> Ace Attorney
Maya Fey[personal profile] missleadingquestionsMerfolkLuc | [plurk.com profile] love_struck
-> Dragon Ball Z
Broly (AU)[personal profile] maximumestDragonten | [plurk.com profile] tenages
-> Eternal Darkness
Anthony[personal profile] scramasaxGryphonInigo | [plurk.com profile] schmendricks
-> Final Fantasy XII
Basch fon Ronsenburg (AU)[personal profile] ruinimpendentChimeraKururu | [personal profile] kururu
-> Final Fantasy XIV
Alisaie Leveilleur (AU)[personal profile] corruptedcoilCelestialKururu | [personal profile] kururu
Urianger Augurelt (AU)[personal profile] asgoesdarknessArachneKururu | [personal profile] kururu
-> Final Fantasy XV
Prompto Argentum[personal profile] photoshooterElementalAsher | [plurk.com profile] asherdashery
Noctis Lucis Caelum (AU)[personal profile] n_octisSphinxKururu | [personal profile] kururu
-> Homestuck
Mom Lalonde[personal profile] cosmompolitanFaerieAsher | [plurk.com profile] asherdashery
-> Pokemon
Hanbei Takenaka[personal profile] reluctantgeniusNagaDrag | [plurk.com profile] DragonScope
-> Rune Factory
Kross[personal profile] scatteredflowersTrollHolo | [plurk.com profile] hologramblue
-> Shin Megami Tensei
Hallelujah[personal profile] lostcompanyNymphHolo | [plurk.com profile] hologramblue
-> Undertale
Mettaton[personal profile] mettatronicUndeadInigo | [plurk.com profile] schmendricks
-> Yu-Gi-Oh!
Reira Akaba[personal profile] soft_focusCelestialUsagi | [plurk.com profile] usagisquared
Yuusei Fudo[personal profile] planetary_bondsUnicornGale | [plurk.com profile] emexceedschangezearu