Mar. 31st, 2017

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[There is the ring of a group call through most everyone's devices, but on answering, there doesn't seem to be an answer at first. It looks like the phone was just left on the floor face up, and what everyone gets is the rather dull sight of an abandoned storefront's ceiling.

Before one can get the idea that maybe this was an accident and they should just hang up, a very white something looms over the screen. It's some kind of long creature-like face, horns or maybe ears splayed out on each side like a frilled collar, with a blue and black mane furling everywhere. The neck is long and seems to be plated, and one can get a glimpse of a lavender underbelly and white haunches before the face moves closer. On closer look, the metallic look the face seems to have is apparently the result of a very fine coat of hair-it practically sparkles despite the dull surrounding light.

The creature has startlingly blue eyes-eyes that don't seem amused, for one thing. That's the last impression one can get before it huffs and shakes its head, making a strange nickering sound when it does so.]

It's Yuusei.

[...That's Yuusei?

What a change from the last time he made a call, then! He raises one of his legs-and the video feed is briefly treated to the sight of what looks like a decoratively plated yet gangly leg, and what looks like a hoof, before he puts it back down out of sight.]

...I think I've turned into a horse.


That's a horse?! ]

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