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do we have bestiary bingo yet

It's been...almost a month? Whatevs.

Welcome to the second OOC chatpost! This post is for OOC plotting, monster design posting, new player intros, etc. Use this space for whatever strikes your fancy.

For less permanent OOC chatting, we have a Discord channel; we also have a modplurk, which you can request posts to for things like "hey I/my friend is doing monster art commissions" or "hey guys I have a plot idea come give me opinions on it".
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TAGS; Sorry I haven't been putting in my tags for my characters. And !icmain seems good. c:

FEEDBACK; This has been pretty good, yes - sorry I'm not better with words, it's nearly 3 AM here. If I might point out something, however? On the main journal info, there's no link to the taken characters.

Also, when adding locations, do they need to be checked by you/run by you? This is for in a few months, but might as well bring it up before I forget. >>
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Yup sorry I forgot the name of profile for a little.

And cool, cool. Someday an abandoned building will be taken over by a spider and made into a weird house/library mix.
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I'm liking the model so far, it feels an awful lot like the DR days of old. Considering how it's got my start in RP, it's feeling pretty nostalgic! I also like the system of tags so far, too.

and hell yeah I'm up for another round of advertisement. More friends, new friends, lots of friends!
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I'm already going to forget to tag things so I apologise ahead of time-- but personally I think things are nice!! I like having the discord stuff up because then I can keep tabs on everyone even when i"m too busy to play much.

I'd love to see more people here!! advertiiiiise
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Hi it's Kururu the person who pretty much loves monster people. I doubt I'll be adding more then my main cast, but here they are/their progress:

Alisaie 'Bahamut' Leveilleur: Confused angry Celestial. She's currently off in the mountains and texting/video-ing people, as her body changes to look more half-Primal, half-Elezen. I hope that this next period, she learns that no she isn't the reason for this. Alisaie needs friends.

Noctis, King of Team Plasma: Who likes da floppy kitty? He's the easiest to tag around with, this big fluffball who's trying his best. He's actually making friends and coming out of his shell and he hasn't tried to liberate animals yet. I'm proud of him. :,)

Stella 'i had no idea she'd become so involved' Fleuret: She is a companion to Noctis - a Togekiss-Mermaid. Who can become a person-mermaid. Also angry and scared and alone. She'll most likely reveal she can become a person... as she loses her legs in person form.

Basch 'i am immortal and what is this' Ronsenburg: He's the sort of guy who wanders around and might just pop up. Quiet dad. Noticing his changes but holding onto his own powers as long as he can. He'll be losing them - and seemingly turning instantly chimera - all the way on July 12th. Because that's when FF12 HD comes out. He's the quietest of my characters, but also the dad if people need him.

Urianger 'i am my own gf' Augurelt: My final one for now, Urianger is a complete nerd who will be into transforming. kinky ascian man And also end up with his own dungeon library. Full of adorable dolls. He'll most likely intro in a group post. As I said in his app, him and Alisaie will not travel/be together that often.

As an aside, I might be doing some monster doodles and sending them to people. And for the weekend of March 31st-April 3rd, I won't be around. And in general, I might not reply to some things on some days, due to RL.
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Hey ho it's Gale who pretty much plays YGOs and stuff. Only got one guy, but he's turned out to be more active than I expected!

Yuusei Fudo - Boy howdy has his nerd skills come in handy, what with working together with Hal and Prompto to get phones for mostly everyone in the initial group. He's gone through quite a few changes and currently looks somewhat like an awkward hairy lizard, which is hilarious considering he's turning into a unicorn/qilin thing. he's also lost his jacket and both of his gloves to Reira somehow, so that only makes his lizard aesthetic more obvious. good job, yuusei.

He's currently moved into a unofficially abandoned two floor loft that's technically in Arcion's busy Central Crossing subway district, but it's too close to the seedy Spindle Station to actually be leased out like it's supposed to have been. Nobody will probably notice that he's removed that super faded "FOR LEASE" sign anytime soon, right? rude, Yuusei. Sooner or later he'll actually turn it into a proper junk pawn shop/garage of sorts once he gets more things together. Give him a month and incentive to make income and he'll do it. Once the shop is a thing, does anyone want me to make a permanent post of sorts so people can just wander in and treat the junk shop as a setting? i dunno. Might not work well with this comm format but it's a thought.

anyways Yuusei will be out and about the city of Arcion and will hand out phones to any newcomers. Mom Lalonde, he might just take you up on that offer to make some kinda website or something there has to be a place they can make to share information easily without constantly calling each other up right? he might be a good programmer but mechanics are his true calling and if someone with better programming skills offers some help he ain't gonna say no. basically i am going to try and get Yuusei involved in all of the things so he doesn't retreat to his nerd hole and keep to his little bubble and end up doing nothing like his canon self does god yuusei why are you like this
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lizard man dont mind basch just wandering in and out sometimes to just rest and be a warm blob of fur

he might drop his glamour sometimes and show the mess he's becoming

......i'm sad none of my losers could be a programmer because i just imagined an IC forum with ic forum games like corrupt a wish

(also dont diss the nerdhole urianger is gonna have a nerd hole)
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lizard man always has room for fur dad truly and always. he will always accept ppl for who they are as long as they're not complete assholes and even then he tends to stretch the definition

ahahah holy shit that

that'd be incredible, forum games

(look i'm not dissing the nerdhole i'm dissing the fact that this nerd will never come out of his nerdhole if he's not given a reason to HE HAS A PROBLEM)
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Hey there all peeps. Uh... well I haven't actually been around much, but I'll try to get better at it. Actually short a computer right now, which I'm hoping will respond to repairs (otherwise hoo boy), but the Wii U's not bad!

Best I can say is Hanbei's around with his electric rat... and been slower to change. Though I'll catch him up quick. I have ideas.

Meanwhile, who wants him?