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Pearl Rock Bay action;

[Things since Maya's first changes have been more than a little frustrating. Being completely unable to dry off is really inconvenient, after all, for many reasons. But as a result, she's also been spending most of her time down at Pearl Rock Bay, and rather than get bored and sit around, she's been swimming.

Maya's been able to hold her breath for far longer than before, she's noticed-- a whole minute. It's let her do some foraging, and she's even caught a few fish over the past few days just so see if she could. Of course, she doesn't know much the difference between each fish, so she hasn't bothered trying to eat any.

Pulling herself out of the water in a full-coverage suit Maya returns to her things in hopes of going back to the city to find more information about those fish. She wipes her hands off on a towel and grabs her phone-- but quickly finds it slipping from between her now-wet-again fingers and falling onto the pebbles on the shore.

With a loud, annoyed groan, she tilts her head back and stomps a foot.]

This is the Wo-ho-hooooorst!

[She complains, before dropping the towel and hurrying down a few steps to where her phone has fallen, picking it up and wiping it off again before her hair starts dripping big ol droplets onto the screen.

Maya tosses the phone back at the towel and proceeds to enter the water again instead, unaware if anyone's seen her little tantrum.]
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[Oooh, someone's seen it. It's an understandable tantrum, thankfully, which means whomever's watching at least doesn't seem to be very judgmental about it. Presumably. His face isn't giving away much.

Anyways, remember that weird guy from that summoning site? He's here now, looking...well, somewhat underdressed, compared to normal. His blue jacket from before is missing, and he's not wearing his long gloves anymore, while his boots sit discarded next to the rock he's currently perched on.

That only serves to make his current changes more pronounced. His whole body seems...elongated, for lack of a better word. Even if he's perched on a rock with his arms crossed above his legs, the length of his torso and arms and legs just seem...longer than before, somehow. His fingers are still in the same condition they were from his last video contact, but what's new is that his feet are now the same, three long toes joined by bony ankles to his legs. His skin is now bone-white, making him almost blinding in the sun.

His hair is somehow even longer than before, cascading down his back...and seemingly continuing down his long, white tail, like a mane. Yes, he has a tail now. That's a thing. It's currently wrapped around the rock he's sitting on, like an anchor, ending with some kind of hooklike protrusion. What a sight.

Yuusei tilts his head slightly at the spectacle, before he answers, just as Maya turns to enter the water.]

You may need to invest in a cover of sorts.

[Ever the blunt one, he is.]
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[Yuusei actually looks mildly alarmed when Maya slips, and actually looks ready to ask her if she's alright before she starts talking again. At the question, though, his face settles back into neutrality.]


[Thanks, that's so descriptive.]

I'm not entirely sure myself, but it's been happening to others, too.
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Maybe not yet.

[Somehow, that's both ominous and weird? um.]

Again, I'm not sure. Others, they've grown fur, or wings. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it.
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[Yusei nods, as if to confirm that yes, it's Noct he's talking about.]

Ah. I'm sure it's because of whatever those people did to summon us here. Whatever public opinion of these people are, it doesn't look like the Joyous Order is harmless at all.
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Clearly, what's happiness for them doesn't align with most other people.

[Gentle sigh.]

It's possible. I can't see another explanation for this.
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It's likely less about the tail, and more about what it entails.

[ . . . ]

Mmm. It's what we've all been trying to do, so far. They're proving to be surprisingly elusive.