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[OPEN] Exquisite dead guy, outside my high-rise apartment.

[In a pavilion in Arcrion, there stands an android.

A stopped android.

The lights behind its eyes are dull, and it's just begun to gather sparrows - which have been polite enough not to do more than simply fly on, chatter to pals, and fly off so far, at least.

The reason? Mettaton's battery has registered in the rest of his body's system as having run out. He doesn't know it yet, because he's, well, unconscious, and he didn't anticipate it, because that isn't supposed to happen anymore.

He'll conk back on soon enough - but in the meantime!

Have anything in mind to do with the 'bot? Watch and wait for developments? Fiddle with it? Pose it, draw on its face, or what have you? Whatever you might do, you'll probably see movement on its part a short way in.]
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[What an interesting fixture in this city is what Hanbei might've said... but it seems out of place here, if he has any room to judge that sort of thing. The yellow mouse riding atop his opposite shoulder from the pack slung over it gives one of the metal "statue's" arms a curious prod with a stubby-fingered forepaw.]

What do you think this is Pikachu?

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[The next move once again comes from the smaller of the duo. With a brave and mighty leap, the Pokemon makes its way onto the statue's head and twitches its ears before rising to a bipedal position, apparently pleased with the height above the ground.]

Pika- Pika...chu~...!

[And waving its paws happily at its partner down below (which isn't freakishly high), yes it is.]

Heh, just be careful up on that thing...!
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Sorry about the wait!

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[It catches the rodent off-guard, though instead of hopping off in its fright, the creature clings tightly with all four limbs.]

No you're not supposed to do that, come here...!

[Hanbei reaches for his partner in case the... thing has a poor reaction to waking up with a mouse on their head, but it's proving difficult to amend between (possibly) the height and the Pokemon's grip.]
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[And down tumbles the rodent until Hanbei neatly catches them in his arms. Hanbei pats the frazzled Pikachu before turning his attention back to the... well... there's no other word to call it besides a robot. He clears his throat.]

Um... hello?