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harmony in chaos [ota]

[ If you happen to be around the northwest of Arcrion, there is an odd stall set up near a busy road. A rather messy-looking man - wearing clothes not commonly seen around this sort of place - has set up his own small shop for knitted goods made of oddly soft wool. Shirts, hats, wristbands and scarfs - they're made rather well. If approached, he will give a smile. ]

Pray accept my appearance - I desire to make my way. These are made of special wool - I'll not charge much.

[ He knows it's warm to people, but being a god of flames means he can't feel the cold. Who knows, it might be colder later? If you touch the wool, there is a lingering warmth. It's not love, it's side-effects of being shaved from Belias, the Gigas. ]
[ But even after selling quite a bit of his knitted goods - even after all that - Basch is not happy. Why? Because he was summoned for no purpose that he can see. Those who summoned him fled from the Gigas.

He was taken from happiness. And so, to let out some of that anger, he has shifted to his summoned form in the Gardens... to punch trees. To leave a mark. But he seems... approachable. For a giant monster, who has changed from how he looked - though you wouldn't know it. Because he hadn't been seen before. He's grown taller, and has gotten feathers coming out as a tail - along with this damn overgrown wool. After punching a few trees and watching them burn with his flames, he's moved to just sit down by his destruction. ]
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[An admittedly strange young man looks curiously at the merchandise. His face is fierce-burning blue eyes, mouth set in what seems to be a permanent scowl, jagged yellow tattoo under one eye-but he looks over the stall with nothing more than mild curiosity.

His clothes are contradictory, too-a tank top and pants clearly cut in a style not matching anything around here, and he seems to have only one hand exposed for some odd reason, the other hand covered by a rough brown biker's glove that extends up to his elbow. But the comparatively plain jacket he wears is clearly local wear-and fresher than his other clothes, neatly pressed while the others seem wrinkled and...clumsily washed?

His hair might be the biggest indication of his situation, however: freshly washed as it is, it's still a mess. Black hair and blue streaks, even when straggly, overgrown and slightly damp, it's clear that it was once rather spiked-much like the yellow stripes that also sit in it, somehow much firmer than the rest. Almost as if they were...horns...of some sort. Hmm.

Finally he looks up, and speaks. His voice is deep and rough...but also somehow soft-spoken. Odd.]

Sorry. I don't have much in the way myself. Perhaps we can barter?
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[His tone earns a raised eyebrow from Yuusei, who starts wondering. Is it possible?]

It's the same for myself. Quite unexpectedly, as it were. It seems we both have to shift for ourselves the best that we can, ah?

[He says this as he idly fiddles with a small rucksack-it seems to be filled with many bits and odds, if the way it clanks is any indication.]
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...No, it wouldn't be.

[He nods, and starts emptying his bag. Salvaged tools. Scraps of metal, random data chips, a few cracked tablets. Cell phones of all models and ages in different stages of refurbishment. Some foodstuff too: meat dried into strips of jerky and wrapped in cloth for long travel, canned foods stolen from the ship the Doctor had stolen from the cultists, some freshly made and wrapped sandwiches with peanut butter, marmalade, and granola. There's a few bars of soap and other self-hygene products, along with some slightly rumpled clothes in the same style as the jacket he wears.

It's certainly an odd assortment.]

Like I said, it's not much...
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...If you feel the need to communicate with others here? Immeasurably so.

[Hesitation. It seems like he's weighing his choices on whether to add something else.]
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[Yuusei's eyes widen slightly, before narrowing again. It seems that you nailed it right on the head.]

Aah. People of all sorts...from different worlds...summoned here against our will.

[He turns his eyes to the various phones, frowning.]

I had...salvaged... [read: stolen from the trash] ...these phones, so we could keep each other informed of any updates. We've been trying to find out more about the people who did this to us, so we could figure out a way home.
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From what others have found out, they're a cult called the Joyous Order. They apparently want to become gods of a new world, but what summoning us here has to do with it, we don't know.

[Woah, what. Clarify that, Yuusei.

He glances down at the phone, at the items on the table.]

I wouldn't...ask for anything, if you wanted that to keep in touch. I've been giving them to everyone who's been brought here, it wouldn't be fair to you for me to take something for it.