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How It Begins


Characters are pulled across space and time into the summoning arrays of the Joyous Order, but the circumstances of their landing will bring them anything but joy. These ceremonies, conducted by individual agents or small, secretive cells in hidden places, were intended to bring forth monsters, harbingers of the end of one era and the beginning of a newer, supposedly better one. Instead, they got...whatever you are.


This won't do at all - only monsters can achieve the Order's apocalyptic vision! Characters will be abandoned, or escape, into a strange but largely welcoming world.

And then, it starts.

As it turns out, you are the monster the Joyous ones wanted. It was just a latent property, planted under your skin as you hurtled across worlds, waiting to be ready to consume you. And once it's ready...

You'll change.


Welcome to Eludalsia, a sunny little country on the sea with a long, magical history. You've arrived in a lively time, one of great advances in communication technology, medicine, industry, and more! If you surfaced near a small town, you'll surely find someone willing to show you around and lend you a hand. If you're stepping out of an abandoned building in one of the big cities, try making your way to a house of worship, and seeking charity from followers of the sun or harvest gods.


Being a monster won't be easy. There's the painful transformations to deal with, of course, and the change to your identity, but there's also the people around you to deal with. Eludalsia is populated by human beings from many different walks of life, who've been told many different stories about monsters - monsters that were dear friends to gods, monsters that did battle with gods, monsters that shaped the history of their country. Whatever they think of you exactly, it'll be clear once you start sprouting scales and horns that they don't see you as one of them.

Transformation doesn't have to occur on a set schedule, and can progress as slowly or as quickly as the player wishes. Each type of monster has a few basic, mandatory qualities, and can be customized from there by the player.


No two people will have quite the same experience upon arrival. Some may appear in pairs, or groups. Some will be abandoned as the Joyous flee the scene of their failure; others might remain captive for a while, subject to prodding by cultists who feel sure they've summoned some kind of monster. Characters may even begin their transformation early, and be pressured into the Order's experiments into blood magic.


That's up to the players and the characters to decide. Will the monsters live out the rest of their life in Eludalsia? Will they take up the study of magic to seek a way home? Will they come into conflict with a society that isn't sure what to make of them? Will they go looking for the mysterious cult that brought them here...?