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Monsters of Eludalsia

The bestiary is kept in a google doc because it's an excuse to not make the tables pretty.

>> Click here for bestiary! <<

Quick list of monsters, if you just need the list and don't want to wait for Gdocs to load:

Arachne | Beastfolk | Celestial | Chimera | Dragon | Elemental | Faerie
Gargoyle | Gryphon | Harpy | Merfolk | Naga | Nymph | Sphinx
Troll | Undead | Unicorn | Werebeast

Monster descriptions are intentionally vague - ornamental embellishment is encouraged, and some expansion on magical abilities to make them fit the character is a-okay as long as nobody's powergaming. The golden rule is have fun.

"Mandatory traits" are those that make the monster type what it is. Fulfill those, and you're golden. Optional traits are suggested and might have been thought up as "typical for the species", but were designated optional in case you're less enthusiastic about them.

Traits that aren't on the list at all aren't excluded from possibility - in general, as long as you're not adding powers for the sake of making your character The Strongest, and as long as you're not violating whatever's specified in the mandatories, you can go nuts.