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Once accepted, please comment to this page using the form at the bottom to be added and accepted to the comm. If you've decided to drop, make a comment here stating so with the journal you'd like dropped.

When referencing the directory, remember that doubles of characters are allowed with permission from the original player/s.

Arimoi is a dressing room, and characters do not need moderator approval to post and comment in it. This list is maintained as a character directory; you may have a character added to let other players know that character is played in Arimoi and give them ways to contact you. Doubles (multiples of the same character, played by different players) are allowed; it is up to individual players to set boundaries on IC interaction with doubles.

Use the contact methods here to reach other players for OOC communication. Harassment of players is not tolerated; if you are receiving unwanted communications after requests to stop contact, let me know.

-> Ace Attorney
Maya Fey[personal profile] missleadingquestionsMerfolkLuc | [plurk.com profile] love_struck
-> Dragon Ball Z
Broly (AU)[personal profile] maximumestDragonten | [plurk.com profile] tenages
-> Eternal Darkness
Anthony[personal profile] scramasaxGryphonInigo | [plurk.com profile] schmendricks
-> Final Fantasy XII
Basch fon Ronsenburg (AU)[personal profile] ruinimpendentChimeraKururu | [personal profile] kururu
-> Final Fantasy XIV
Alisaie Leveilleur (AU)[personal profile] corruptedcoilCelestialKururu | [personal profile] kururu
Urianger Augurelt (AU)[personal profile] asgoesdarknessArachneKururu | [personal profile] kururu
-> Final Fantasy XV
Prompto Argentum[personal profile] photoshooterElementalAsher | [plurk.com profile] asherdashery
Noctis Lucis Caelum (AU)[personal profile] n_octisSphinxKururu | [personal profile] kururu
-> Homestuck
Mom Lalonde[personal profile] cosmompolitanFaerieAsher | [plurk.com profile] asherdashery
-> Pokemon
Hanbei Takenaka[personal profile] reluctantgeniusNagaDrag | [plurk.com profile] DragonScope
-> Rune Factory
Kross[personal profile] scatteredflowersTrollHolo | [plurk.com profile] hologramblue
-> Shin Megami Tensei
Hallelujah[personal profile] lostcompanyNymphHolo | [plurk.com profile] hologramblue
-> Undertale
Mettaton[personal profile] mettatronicUndeadInigo | [plurk.com profile] schmendricks
-> Yu-Gi-Oh!
Reira Akaba[personal profile] soft_focusCelestialUsagi | [plurk.com profile] usagisquared
Yuusei Fudo[personal profile] planetary_bondsUnicornGale | [plurk.com profile] emexceedschangezearu

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Note: this page is old content. Arimoi is now a dressing room that anyone may post in freely.

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Feb. 4th, 2017 10:29 pm
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Be respectful. Be kind. Players are people. Treat them the way you would if you were face-to-face.

The premise of this box involves transformation, injury, death, altered mental states, and other potentially disturbing things. Be prepared to run into these. At the same time, if you stray into dark content that isn't baked into the premise, stick a warning in the post or ask the post-maker to do so. If someone has a content boundary they don't want crossed, respect that. If someone is playing content that crosses your boundary, work out with them how to keep it where you can avoid it. We're all here to have fun.

No harassing, no badgering. Modding will be subjective and situational and based on keeping the fun and comfort levels in Arimoi as high as they can be. If you're told no, the answer is no, and demanding a reconsideration will not endear you to anyone involved. If another player tells you no, back down. If you have told someone no and they have not stopped, for the love of all that is good, let me know what's going on.

Take explicitly sexual stuff off-comm, please.


Strike a balance between respecting the setting and making it your own. It's there so everyone has a common space to play in. Have fun with it, but don't break it beyond all repair and expect everyone to play along.

Keep basic RP etiquette in mind. IC isn't OOC. Characters disagreeing with each other is fun. Cherish it. Don't assume that treatment of your character reflects on what people think of you, and don't inject your grievances into your character's behavior.

To the extent that staying IC is part of what make panfandom RP fun, try to stay IC. Develop, embellish, and expand the character. Love the character. Have fun with the character.

Having an Arimoi-related problem? PM me at [personal profile] holographica or PP me at [plurk.com profile] hologramblue.


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