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[It's early evening, just as the sun sets in a cascade of reds and oranges that from the other side of the sky there is a sudden intense flare of sickening green to the south, the shade often associated with radioactivity, not healthy plantlife. It's bright enough to throw shadows in the opposite direction, briefly leaving everything for an alarming distance with two shadows, pointing due north in stark contrast with the long eastward shadows of the setting sun.

The greenish light fades before the sun sinks below the horizon, the ground giving only the faintest of shivers some moments later as far north as Haven and Twinsgrace in time to a distant, strangely long roll of thunder. It can be seen far further away than it can be felt, and in its wake life resumes fairly promptly.

Rumors spread fast. An airburst asteroid, perhaps? A comet?? A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION???

And far to the south sits a lone saiyan on a bloody outcropping of rock, staring listlessly at a terrifyingly wide and long dredged line bisecting the small valley before him and a perfectly round hole straight through the mountain directly across there, molten rock cooling around its edges in an angry but dulling red glare. Blood splatters and streaks the rock from quite a height up, the pattern suggesting something or someone had fallen and repeatedly attempted to catch themselves.

Or himself, as the case might be, as those stains and smears lead right to the seated Broly, blood soaking him as well.. and the two new wide appendanges sprawled in awkward angles to either side of him. Long and broad and delicately scaled, they look awfully like unusually large bat wings .. if bats had scales, and if one washed off the coating of drying red. The ragged wounds they emerge from bleed only slowly, but steadily.

He doesn't seem to notice. It's not certain he's really noticing the mountain he's staring at either.

That's it. That's it, that was all he could do.]

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