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Noctis of Team Plasma ([personal profile] n_octis) wrote in [community profile] arimoi2017-03-04 03:19 pm

prompto talks to a fluffbirb [closed]

[ The darkest hour comes before the dawn. At least, that's what Stella believes - and that's why she awakens to watch sunrises. That is, if she had managed to sleep. But after watching everything over the past two days, she barely slept last night. She'd noticed, however, her charge had been growing... hair.

A lot of hair. Almost a mane, over his shoulders and head. It didn't seem too much of a worry, however... should it be? He's felt different for the past few days. As long as it's not much, it's fine.

But she's sitting, looking out to the rising sun. ]
It still feels the same, even across the Stars.
[ She's waiting by Noctis, for Prompto. Because... she needs to talk to him, alone. And isn't this the best way? Wait for him to wake up and gently goad him until they can discuss serious matters. ]

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