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[It's early evening, just as the sun sets in a cascade of reds and oranges that from the other side of the sky there is a sudden intense flare of sickening green to the south, the shade often associated with radioactivity, not healthy plantlife. It's bright enough to throw shadows in the opposite direction, briefly leaving everything for an alarming distance with two shadows, pointing due north in stark contrast with the long eastward shadows of the setting sun.

The greenish light fades before the sun sinks below the horizon, the ground giving only the faintest of shivers some moments later as far north as Haven and Twinsgrace in time to a distant, strangely long roll of thunder. It can be seen far further away than it can be felt, and in its wake life resumes fairly promptly.

Rumors spread fast. An airburst asteroid, perhaps? A comet?? A NUCLEAR EXPLOSION???

And far to the south sits a lone saiyan on a bloody outcropping of rock, staring listlessly at a terrifyingly wide and long dredged line bisecting the small valley before him and a perfectly round hole straight through the mountain directly across there, molten rock cooling around its edges in an angry but dulling red glare. Blood splatters and streaks the rock from quite a height up, the pattern suggesting something or someone had fallen and repeatedly attempted to catch themselves.

Or himself, as the case might be, as those stains and smears lead right to the seated Broly, blood soaking him as well.. and the two new wide appendanges sprawled in awkward angles to either side of him. Long and broad and delicately scaled, they look awfully like unusually large bat wings .. if bats had scales, and if one washed off the coating of drying red. The ragged wounds they emerge from bleed only slowly, but steadily.

He doesn't seem to notice. It's not certain he's really noticing the mountain he's staring at either.

That's it. That's it, that was all he could do.]
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[ It was not Noctis who went to investigate - he's still glued to the hip, basically, of Prompto. No, it's Stella who soared off as soon as the green explosion happened - in her Togekiss guise. Even if she had gills now and that felt weird, at least she could still breathe normally.

It doesn't take long for her to see the shape of the man sitting there - mutated to gain wings. She speaks - mostly to herself - but loud enough to hear. Especially since she's made her way next to Broly, looking to the mountain. She creates a Softboiled egg-like object, but... he can take it if he wants, or leave it. ]

So it is not simply Noctis who has changed.
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[ ...Right. Her disguise as a regular fluffbird was really slipping, wasn't it? But there was only a reason to keep it hidden from her Lord. An open secret. But she nods, giving a concerned whine from her bird-like beak. ]

Yes. I am sentient, if that is your meaning. I am no person.

[ She's forgotten. Destroyed. She is a fairy without a fairy-type.
And then, she offers the egg again. ]

Here. It heals injuries, if only a little, by channeling and using some of my life force.
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No. He's... grown fur all over and has been unable to walk properly. Not that he could after his accident.

[ yes she is admitting noctis is crippled so casually, as she continues to sit by the bottom of the outcrop. ]

But I've not tested his abilities - but they had not begun to awaken.

...Could you destroy more before?
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[ A blessing and a curse - for if they'd lost this planet, she isn't sure if she can breathe in space.

Oh, and they'd all be alone in space floating and everybody would be dead. But she closes her eyes, tilting her head into the setting sky. ]

This world is one to not be underestimated, if it can rob those abilities - the strength to destroy.
I will test to see if Noctis can still be activated.

[ She didn't want to do it until there were signs of the Worldeater, but if she can turn him Zoroark, then perhaps they can find out more. ]

...We can spar. If it robs even the strongest of abilities...
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[Portation after portation and Reira finds herself landing with a grunt upon the hard stone earth, the smoke and steam singeing the ends of her clothes. She manages to pull herself up and away from it with a few quieter noises-but beyond that, after adjusting the other glove Yuusei granted her, along with the 'backpack' from his jacket, her eyes follow the red, and the heat...and the feeling of some sort of vague dread she can't identify.

Zarc is shouting again, but for now her attention falls upon blotches of wet that are upon the stone, her own feet taking her there. Her tail remains hidden in her shorts. And while her feet are now scaled entirely, her socks do well to hide it. She looks quite human, all things considered.

And as she quietly-and she is very good at quiet-comes up to follow the trail, she freezes.

And finds it very much impossible not to stare.
] B....

...Blood... [....the word slips out, but even so.

Somehow she finds herself holding back from offering any sort of bandages.
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[Laugh? Reira's eyes are wide as she comes out, shaking her head.] W...

Why would I laugh, you're bleeding..!

You're hurt!
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[.........Give her a moment.] How is being hurt by something growing off of you pathetic? Being hurt is what tells you something is wrong...

[And if she's honest sir, Things Growing Off Of You is VERY WRONG.]

...You need bandages, [she adds, searching her bag. She probably doesn't have much, but...hey.]
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[Aha, found a roll of gauze-uh.

] ...I don't think I have enough... ...Yuusei said it was for if I got scrapes... [Bugger. Still though, she peers over the wings with at least a fragment of recognition.] ...I don't know what an oozaru is, but...

...They look like demon wings, like on niisama's cards.
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Oh! So like your tail... [Staring at the tail....anyway, she's going to frown at that.] People who do bad things are the ones that deserve to keep bleeding. If you let yourself stay hurt, that just makes things worse. You can get sick.

[Anyway.] Um....Nii-sama's cards looked really different, but I think demons are supposed to be things from a place called Hell? And they had big wings, and horns, and lots of other strange things.
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....That's dumb. [She has been picking up some Very good words on her travels, that was one of them.] How are you supposed to stay strong or get stronger if you let that stuff happen when it can?

[Honestly. Anyway.] I don't think anyone has ever really met one...Nii-sama just had them on cards like these, [She explains, pulling her deck out.] And then you could summon them.
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[....Well that is true. But she somehow can't feel scared for that reason either. You didn't destroy this one. And you destroyed a mountain, but you took a while to try it. So.]

...I know that everyone can get sick if they don't take care of themselves.

Even really, really strong people.
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You were the one upset that you weren't as strong as you said you should be, [she shrugs.] ...and no one likes being sick anyway, it just makes you feel bad.

[But....after one last look toward the bleeding wings, she relents and stashes the gauze in her bag again. The bag might look familiar if Broly saw Yuusei at the campfire actually. Also the gloves.

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You do though! [Plz.] Having cuts that are open, or things bleeding, makes it easier to get sick.

[And hey.] ...'s good advice, [she mutters, frowning.]
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reira of all the words u shoudl not have said Ever...

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[HUFFFFFF.] Then I guess if it happens, I'll help then.

[For now though, she's going to try turning her duel disk on to look and see where she 'ported' this time. Obviously there's a mountain across from her...hmmm...] ...Since you don't want help right now.
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[...That's a stupid way, she thinks, but she can't really argue with it. There are a few moments to consider the words-a few moments to look at Broly with furrowed brows, either through judgement, or sadness, or something else-

But then she's gone. A burst of feathers, flower petals, light and wind, and she's gone.

She still doesn't agree with you though.
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[ It was later that Alisaie had arrived. Not that she was looking for the source of the explosion... but because she was tired of everything. Tired of trying to hold onto what she could have been if not for everything.

Don't mind her silently sitting near him, secondary horns bleeding - growing more like Bahamut. She's just taking a rest before moving to continue.

They both could destroy. But she hadn't tested the powers she held earlier. After a pause, however, she decides to try to tap into it - there's just her and the Saiyan, after all. If he could use that strength - she assumed it was him - he could at least give Bahamut pause if she lost control.

...But she can't. She can't seem to summon up a Dreadwyrm Trance without trying - though she still feels the flickers of the Dreadwyrm inside, they feel weaker. But she won't talk first - she'll just observe the other, before... using a Lustrate. Just casual spell-casting, strong curative magic. It still hadn't faded - but Alisaie knew it would. To Bahamut or to the odd feelings she had. ]
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...I can try.

[ Right. To see if she can use her powers. To see if she's a threat - she needs to know. And she'll trust Broly to take her down.

Just as she had learned before sealing - right. Calling on Bahamut. She stands, shakily. A glow seems to fill the area - and even if she's only the size of Bahamut Prime - so still rather large, standing there, she did it.

The Dreadwyrm is there, on all fours. But Alisaie was no longer in control - she'd made a mistake in her shift, but how? The dragon, eyes narrowing, lets out a roar of a challenge - before...

...His wings - Bahamuts wings - can't lift him. A snarl and a roar came from within, and a glow entered the throat of the weakened Primal. And within moments, a bright beam of white and blue seemed to charge across the land. Bahamut was trying to Teraflare, to attack anything, to destroy.

But he can't do it, he can't destroy, he's weakened - though the mountain does begin to rumble with the new damage - it'll fall soon. And turning to Broly, mind still taken by anger - fueled by simply rage. More power dripped from the mouth of the Primal, seeming almost like Ki - energy Bahamut was trying desperately to hold onto. Though her eyes were animalistic, there was a primal fear in them - for both Bahamut and Alisaie. ]
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[ That's right. It's being stolen, taken away. And with no Crystals, nobody praying for him, Bahamut could barely feel any strength - having it drain moment by moment.

Nothing for his revenge on Man - stopped once before, but not again. Another soft snarl - almost sounding pitiful, as the massive wings tried to pick him up again. This was just one creature, weak as it looked. But his claws seemed to be gripped to the rock, the last bit of control Alisaie has. Even if Bahamut is free, he cannot move.

And so, Bahamut lets out another energy blast - this time, out into the sky above them. More of a warning then anything - they will get free. They will not grow weaker. ]
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[ ...Shit. The dragon seems to stare - this being is giving him Aether... or something like Aether? Bahamut is simply a beast at this point, snarling.

Before managing to raise one claw, bringing it down next to the man. Even when he's thankful - in a way - he cannot help it. Man has hurt them far too much - but now Bahamut looks closer, this Man has the scales of one who seems Dravanian. At least, the wings of one forming - still weak - like a child. Though Bahamut does not speak, there is a look and a deep chortle. Congratulations. You managed to amuse the Elder Primal, if only because Alisaie is beginning to regain control and giving the creature a small mind.

You will not die tonight, Child. Not until Bahamut can regain strength - they look to the mountain, as it's still not fallen. How dare it. ]